St. Teresa Invite


Millikin University - Decatur, IL -- Hickory Point Golf Course

Spectators: We are being allowed to have spectators; however, please make sure your fans
understand the following:
1-There is only one entrance to the meet for spectators, and that will be the gate on the east side
of the course. (an aerial map will be emailed next week). We will have police stationed at the
entrance to the parking lot and near the starting line.
2. Admission will be $5 per person; this includes all ages.
3. You must have a mask on to enter. Once fans have paid, they may remove the mask if they are
properly socially distanced. Spectators will not be allowed to congregate near the start on finish
4. No pets are allowed.
5. Smoking is prohibited.
6. Please remind all fans to stay off of the greens and tee boxes.
7. There will not be any public restrooms available.


Race Times: There will be a coaches meeting at 7:30 am near the start line.
We will go by the schedule below. It is your responsibility to have runners at the line, ready to
start on time. Do not let anyone who is not in a race near the start line until they are called.
Runners must have masks on until instructed by the meet referees to remove them. They will
be expected to put the mask back on once they have completed the race. We will have disposal
masks available at the finish line if runners lose theirs.
8:00 am-- Numbers 1-3 boys. 8:05—#1-3 girls.
8:15—#4-5 boys. 8:20--#4-5 girls.
8:30--#6-7 boys 8:35--#6-7 girls
8:45—Open boys race 8:50—Open girls race
Warm-ups: At 7:45 am the racecourse will be closed for warm-ups. After that, competitors may
get ready on parts of the golf course not being used for the meet. Please remind all runners to
stay off the greens and tee boxes!!